At Core Citi Lets Aberdeen, we really value the relationships that we build with our tenants. We know
that our properties are more than just flats they’re your home. Not settling for anything short of our
best, we’re always pushing to deliver for the people living in our properties.

Maintenance and Upkeep

We want our properties to be comfortable, and we know that even the smallest problems feel bigger when they’re at home. That’s why
we manage our properties’ gas, electric, and water maintenance.

If our tenants are having issues with things like their heating, lighting, or plumbing then it’s our mission to get it resolved.

To do this, we offer both an online form and a maintenance telephone line for tenants to report any issues.

Making Changes

We’re proud to offer a personalised, individual
approach to working with our tenants. We believe thatthis is the best way to work, ensuring that our tenants are as comfortable as possible.

If something’s not working for our tenants, then we want to fix it. Whether it’s renegotiating a tenancy, helping to get settled in a new home, or getting to know a new area, we’re always here for our clients.

That’s why we assign each property an agent, giving our tenants a consistent pointofcontact.

Aberdeen’s for Everyone

At CCLA, we respect everyone in our community. That’s why we don’t discriminate when choosing whom we let to: we believe that everyone’s entitled to fair treatment and deserves a safe place to call their home.

We want to welcome any prospective clients to feel comfortable meeting us to discuss a letting, because comfort in your new home should be there from the beginning.

Through our work, we want to promote an Aberdeen that’s open to everyone.

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